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Iaroslav Blagouchine

Researcher and Teacher Assistant

Phone:+33–970–46–28–33 (with a voicemail)

Address: SeaTech (box E. Moreau),
University of Toulon (UTLN),
Avenue de l'Université, BP 20132,
83957, La Garde (Toulon), Cedex, France.

Profiles in scientific databases: MathSciNet ID 906772, MathNet ID 112050, ORCID/arXivID 0000–0002–6852–7453, Scopus ID 33867509300, ZentralBlatt ID blagouchine.iaroslav–v, Mendeley ID iaroslav-blagouchine, ResearchGate ID Iaroslav_Blagouchine.


I speak Russian, French, English, Spanish, Italian, and also know Latin.

I worked at

Besides, I have a triple qualification degree for the Associate Professor and Lecturer positions in French Universities in the filed of pure and applied mathematics, information theory, signal processing, robotics and automation (MCF qualification in sections CNU 25, 26 & 61).
Currently, I am a researcher at the University of Toulon, jointly with the École Centrale Marseille.


  • Three–year personal grant BGF from the French Government, France.
  • One–year grant MIRA (formerly TEMPRA) from the region Rhône–Alpes, France.
  • Marek Halter's grant (short–time grant) from the city of Paris and Collège Universitaire Français, France–Russia.

Professional Memberships

Main Teaching Publications

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